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I'm a very beautiful cat

Cats and dogs

You'll find some  pictures of me, my brothers (two dogs) and my activities. Cats picture.

The first one, when i was a baby         I love to play with my Mum

kitten benjamin

             kitten play


My first lesson with a computer           My brothers Max and Victor

kitten computer

            dog and cats

Cats and dogs  no problem


Me and my brother Max (very nice guy)      Me and my brother Victor

cat and dog

                   cats and dog


Sometimes i think in life                        and business too

cats picture thinking

                     cats picture business


What i love to do it's play with my brothers (cats and dogs ) good association...

cats and dogs no problem

            cats picture playing


Benjamin is dead The 10 october 2006 with cancer. He had 2 years old. But every day he is in my heart. I love you Benjamin .

Your friend Benjamin